How do I customize my application?

TurboTenant allows you to customize your application by adding up to 4 additional questions. You can add your questions in the Settings section of your account.


Step 1 - Login

Login to your TurboTenant account.

Step 2 - Hover Over the User Profile Icon 

Hover over the icon located in the upper-right corner of the page.


Step 3 - Click on Settings

Select Settings from the drop-down menu.



Step 4 - Click Customize Button Under Customize Application

This will take you to a new page.


Step 5 - Click Add Question

Click the plus sign next to the text.


Step 6 - Enter in your question

 A text box will appear for you to enter your question.


Step 7 - Click Update Application

Once you have added your question(s), you can update your application. You will be taken back to the Settings page.


Step 8 - Click Update 

Click Update to save changes. 




TurboTenant Pro Tip

  • The questions added will appear on your application for all of your TurboTenant listings. You can remove or edit your questions at any time.
  • Your questions will appear on the third page of the application in the Additional Questions Section.


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