Can I Post a Room Rental on TurboTenant?
Learn the best practices of renting a single room through TurboTenant.
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How can I rent out a single room in a property?

Looking to rent out your property or a single room? Maybe you’ve already had inquiries or requests to rent out a room to a single tenant. If you are only looking to rent out one rental unit, it’s important to communicate that!

TurboTenant specializes in full property rentals and not single rooms. If you are renting an individual room through TurboTenant, we recommend ensuring your listing reflects that specifically (instead of the total number of bedrooms in the home). It may help cut back on excessive inquiries to include a Unit number, too. You could also update the property title and listing description to communicate a "Room Rental", "Shared Home" or "Looking for a Roommate" to be more clear.

The Benefits of a Room Rental Platform

For the best experience in renting your room, we'd recommend using a platform that specializes in room rentals and roommate matching. By doing this, you can save yourself the extra time and effort it takes to respond to inquiries from tenants only looking to rent a full unit or property.

If you decide to use a different platform to market your room, once you find a tenant, you can still invite them to apply through TurboTenant! You'll need to have a property listing for the room rental, but it does not have to be actively marketing for a prospective tenant to be able to apply via invitation. This way you can manage the property/room rental through TurboTenant.

Additionally, it's worth checking out our blog on How to Write a Room Rental Agreement for the Perfect Roommate!

Get Help from TurboTenant

If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact us by sending us an email at or chatting with us through the chat bubble within your account!

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