Does TurboTenant Provide Landlord Reference Reports?

Can TurboTenant provide me with references for a prospective tenant from other landlords?

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What Happened to Landlord Reference Reports in TurboTenant?

Landlord reference reports are no longer offered by TurboTenant for several reasons. Studies and feedback from our landlord users have shown that these reports are not very useful to landlords as the reference may be given with bias or a negative report which would be hard for tenants to dispute.

As a result, the decision was made to remove this automated feature.

How Can Landlords Retrieve Past Reference Information from Renter Applications?

When completing an application, past landlord information is still requested from the renter and you are welcome to conduct your own rental reference outside of TurboTenant using the information provided in the application.

You can access that information within your Applicants tab. Once there you can select the applicant's name and then select "Application" to view that information.

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