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E-Sign Request Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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During the e-sign process, you may have questions! Rest assured our Support Team has created this article to help answer your most frequently asked e-sign request questions.

My Tenant's email Is Correct In My Account, But It's Being Sent To The Wrong Address. How do I correct this?

If a renter updates their email address during the rental process, it can lead to a common issue where the new email address is not properly integrated into the e-sign process. To address this, start by stopping the e-sign process for the document in question. Next, remove the tenant from the e-sign process entirely. Afterward, re-add the tenant to the e-sign process using their updated email address. Finally, send the document out for signing again. This will ensure that the new email address is correctly populated into the e-sign process, allowing for seamless communication and document signing.

I Added A Tenant To The Lease Profile, But They Aren't In The Signing Process.

If a new tenant is added to the lease profile while a lease agreement is in the signing process, it is important to cancel the current signing process. After canceling, the new tenant should be added to the lease profile, and then the lease agreement should be resent for signing. This ensures that all parties involved are properly accounted for and that the lease agreement is accurate.

I Received An Error When I Sent The E-Sign Request. What Does 'HTTP REQUEST FAILED' Mean?

If you're encountering the "HTTP REQUEST FAILED" error message, it indicates that the documents you're attempting to attach to the lease are too large or surpass the maximum file size limit. To address this issue, you'll need to remove the oversized document(s), adjust their size, and then reattach them when going through the e-sign process.

What Does the Error "At Least One Non-Date Field Required" Mean?

The error message indicates that you'll need to select at least one "non-date field" from the "Drag & Drop" menu, on the left in the e-sign process to be applied to the document before you can send it to your tenant. A field will need to be included for each individual listed in the lease profile.

Some examples of non-date fields include Signature, Initials, Textbox, Checkbox, Dropdown, and Radio Group. Please see below:

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