How to Add a Co-Signer to a Lease

Understanding Co-Signer Roles, Sharing Lease Responsibilities, and Adding Them to Your Lease.

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A co-signer is an individual who agrees to share the obligation of ensuring a lease or loan is paid in conjunction with the primary signer. Unlike a guarantor, who typically does not reside at the rental property, a co-signer may choose to live there. Commonly, co-signers are family members or close friends, but they can essentially be anyone willing to take on the responsibility.

By co-signing, this individual confirms their commitment to meet all the terms and conditions outlined in the lease agreement. This includes timely rent payments, covering damages or cleaning expenses, settling unpaid utilities, and handling any fees, fines, or additional charges. Notably, a co-signer's responsibility extends throughout the entirety of the lease term, encompassing any extensions, renewals, amendments, or updates to the agreement.

How to Make a Co-Signer Official

Co-signers must formally acknowledge their acceptance of the lease's terms by signing a designated co-signer agreement. As a TurboTenant user, you have the benefit of finding this agreement in our comprehensive Forms Pack which is included with Premium membership.

Adding a Co-Signer to a Lease

If you've integrated the co-signer agreement within the main Lease Agreement, follow these steps to separate it, ensuring the co-signer is clearly recognized as such, and not mistakenly as an additional tenant:

Editing Your Lease: Start by clicking the pencil icon adjacent to your lease agreement. Scroll down to locate the "Provisions and Attachments" segment of our intuitive lease builder.

Removing the Co-Signer Agreement: Within the "Provisions and Attachments" section, click on the edit pencil icon. Navigate to the attachment's end and tap the trash can icon alongside the co-signer agreement to delete it. Always remember to save any modifications made.

Uploading the Co-Signer Agreement Separately: To maintain distinct roles, upload the co-signer agreement as its standalone document within the same lease profile. Kickstart this by selecting the Request E-Signature option. You'll be prompted to specify the signatories for the document. Ensure you include the tenant, landlord (typically yourself), and, crucially, the co-signer. Following this set up the signature fields for each participant and dispatch the document for signatures.

By adhering to this method, TurboTenant's platform will unambiguously showcase the co-signer in their rightful place in the lease profile. While the primary lease document will exhibit only the landlord and tenant details, the co-signer addendum will list every signatory, promoting clarity and transparency.

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