If you added your bank account manually, you will need to verify the account using micro-deposits. This process is to ensure that you are the account owner, preventing any fraudulent activity from taking place.

Our payment processor will make 2 separate deposits to your bank account, totaling less than $1.00 (ex: $0.34 and $0.42). This process typically takes 1-2 business days (excludes weekends and holidays).

*Keep in mind -- Re-entering your bank account information will not speed up the micro-deposit timeline. Each time you manually input your account and routing numbers, the micro-deposit process will be re-initiated and render the previous batch of micro-deposits invalid. This can cause friction when trying to confirm your bank account, so it is best to enter your credentials once and wait for the micro-deposits.

Once the deposits have been made, you will need to check the amounts in your bank account and enter them into your TurboTenant account, in the order that they were deposited, to be able to confirm your bank account.

Once you verify your bank with the correct deposit amounts, your bank is then successfully linked and you will be able to start paying charges!

If you prefer to add your bank account with your bank login credentials, you can do that directly through our Plaid API. Learn more about that process here!

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