Security is a top priority for TurboTenant and we've implemented new steps to ensure that each user's account is secure. As part of this effort, we've enabled a new trusted device system that requires users to verify ownership of their account email address when logging into an account from a new device or new device-browser combination.

The above screen will be displayed if logging in with a new device or device-browser combination. This may happen if you predominantly use your laptop but switch to your mobile device while on the go. Upon seeing this you'll receive the following email at the email address that matches your TurboTenant Account.

Clicking CONFIRM & LOG IN will log you in and add your new device to the trusted device list.

Commonly Asked Questions

1) Can you have multiple trusted devices?

Yes, you can have as many as you'd like. For each device, you add you'll need to go through the process above but there is no limit.

2) What happens if I receive this email but I did not try to login or see the screen?

Here are a couple of possibilities.

  • Do you share your account with someone else? Maybe a partner or assistant that works with you to manage your property?

  • Double-check that you didn't try to login from one of your other devices and get that screen.

  • Have you fallen victim to a phishing attack recently? Click here for more information on Phishing attacks. If you have please contact Your account is likely safe but it is important you do not click the CONFIRM & LOG IN button in the email and you change your account password.

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