1. Login to your account

2. Go to the Applicants page

3. Choose an applicant by clicking “View Applicant” next to their name

4. Go to the Application Tab if you want to print the application, or go to the Screening Report tab if you want to print the screening. If you want to print both, you’ll need to go through this process twice, once for each document.

5. On the Application or Screening Report tab, click the “Print” button.

6. Once you click the print button, a print preview page will appear which allows you to select a printer to send your document to. In order to save the document as a pdf, you will have to instead choose the option to “save as pdf” or “print to pdf,” depending on the browser you are using.

7. Click “Print” to confirm your choice and bring up the save window, and then click “save” to finish saving your document once you have chosen where to save it on your device.

You now have a saved pdf copy of your report or application! You can simply keep that report on file for your own records, or you can send a copy to the renter.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team by opening a live chat on our site or emailing us at support@turbotenant.com. For helpful tips and resources on running your rental business, check out our blog.

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