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Can the Landlord Pay the Screening Fee?

How can a Landlord cover the screening fee for potential tenants?

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The screening fee is charged to the renter by default upon submitting the application.

As a landlord, you have the opportunity to reimburse your approved applicant's fee in a couple of ways.

Apply Fee Towards Their First Month's Rent

One option is to apply the fee towards their first month's rent, effectively covering the cost. To ensure your tenants are aware of this fantastic offer, we recommend mentioning it in the description section of your property listing. This information will be prominently displayed on your listing website, rental brochure, and syndicated listings on other platforms.

Request a Screening Report

You can also initiate the payment for the screening report, by simply navigating to the "Screen a Tenant" section within your Leads or Applicants Tab on your dashboard. From there, select "Request a Report (Screening Report Only)," enter the prospective renter's information, and towards the end, click on the option stating, "I will pay the fee."

TurboTip: You will not be able to make the payment if you choose to do an application first. The applicant can add in their application information after they verify their identity by selecting "add information" on the renter portal.

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