What it means when it says 'waiting on applicant'?

Screening reports from TurboTenant are instantaneous. If you have not yet received a report, it means we are still waiting on the applicant to finish one more step before we can release the report to you.

When you request the applicant's screening report, an authorization and verification email will be automatically generated to the tenant (at the email address they provided in the application).

The applicant will need to authorize you to view their credit report and answer a few auto-generated identity verification questions provided by TransUnion (the credit bureau used).

As soon as they authorize the report you will be notified and you can log in to TurboTenant to review their screening report.

This verification process helps to make sure that you get the most accurate possible screening report and also makes it so you as a landlord / property manager do not have to go through the involved on-site inspection process that persons wishing to pull credit would typically have to undergo.

TurboTenant Pro Tip

  • This used to be called 'screening report pending' but we found many landlords were mistaking this for a processing time. We wanted to make it more clear that we are still waiting on the applicant to complete their Authorization Verification before we can release the reports to you.

  • As soon as the identity verification is completed by the applicant, the screening report will be delivered to the landlord's TurboTenant account immediately and an email will be sent to the landlord letting them know the screening report is ready.

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