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Why Do Applicants Have to Verify Their Identity for Screening?
Why Do Applicants Have to Verify Their Identity for Screening?

Learn why your applicant has to verify their identity for the screening report to be completed through TransUnion.

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After a landlord requests a screening report for an applicant, the applicant will receive an email asking them to authorize the screening and verify their identity. This is required because TurboTenant uses a screening company that is consumer-initiated. This means the consumer (renter) plays an active role in deciding when and to whom to release sensitive personal information.

When your applicant receives the email verification, it is as though they are running a check on their credit and sharing the information with you. Through this method, landlords do not need to collect the applicant's social security number. It also allows the applicant to have privacy and control when it comes to providing their personal information during the application process.

Additionally, with this method of screening a landlord is not required to have a physical on-site inspection performed at their home or office or provide their own social security number.

We make the process convenient, fast, and easy for landlords to get up and running with full credit, criminal, and eviction reports in minutes, instead of weeks!


If your renter is having issues verifying their identity, learn some common reasons this may happen: My Applicant Says They are Unable to Complete the Screening Report, What Now?

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