This article is for applicants that did not fill out an application through TurboTenant. If the renter did fill out an application, read more here.

After the landlord has sent out the request to screen a renter, the renter will receive an email asking them to approve the screening request and answer identity verification questions.

Step 1 - The Renter can select View Screening Request on the Email Message

Step 2 - The renter will be prompted to set a password for their own TurboTenant account.

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Step 4 - Password set! Click Get Started

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Step 5 - The renter will fill out info about themselves.

Click Next: SSN & Income

Step 6 - The renter will fill out income and employment info.

Click Next: Pay $55.

*If the landlord paid for the screening report, the payment page will be skipped.

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Step 7 - Enter payment information and click Pay $55.00

Step 8 - Answer Identity Verification Questions

Identity verification questions are automatically generated. The questions are multiple-choice and are unique to each individual.

Once questions are answered click Submit button to complete the screening verification. The landlord will be notified once the report is ready to view.

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