How do I start or stop online marketing for a property?

Step 1 - Login to your TurboTenant account


Step 2 - Click on the Properties icon on the left-hand side of the page


Step 3 - Click Manage Property next to the property you are marketing online


Step 4 - To turn on marketing online, click Start Marketing Online


4a - You will need to verify your phone number to begin marketing online. First, enter your number, then select the method you'd prefer to receive your confirmation code. 


Once you have completed this step, your property will begin marketing online. 

Step 5 - To stop marketing online, click Stop Marketing Online



TurboTenant Pro Tips

  • When you turn on the online marketing option for a property, the property will automatically begin accepting applications.
  • If you stop accepting applications for a property, then you must turn off online marketing.
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