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How Can a Renter Obtain a Copy of Their Screening Report?
How Can a Renter Obtain a Copy of Their Screening Report?
Learn how a prospective tenant can receive a copy of their screening report!
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How to Request a Copy of a Tenant Screening Report

As a lead or tenant, they have the right to access the screening report that we generate in order to assess their creditworthiness. This report consists of their payment history, rental history, employment information, credit score, and more.

If they would like to request a copy of their tenant screening report, please follow the steps below:

  • Email or message us through the chat window in the Renter Portal.

  • Attach a copy of their Photo ID. We are required to verify your identity via a Government-Issued ID.

Once that is provided we will forward the screening report as a PDF to the lead or tenant's email address.

Screening Report disputes

Please note, since TurboTenant cannot add or remove information from the TransUnion Report, any changes to the report for inaccurate or outdated information will have to be completed by TransUnion. In that event, you have the right to request a free copy of your consumer report from TransUnion and dispute the accuracy of information appearing in the report, as follows:

TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions

Attn: Consumer Disputes

P O Box 800

Woodlyn, PA 19094

Phone: 1-833-458-6338

Consumer Rights

Consumer Financial Bureau’s Summary of Rights for your information:

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