Recording a Rent Payment that was made Offline

Have a tenant who made a rent payment outside of the TurboTenant platform? Easily record offline payments so you can keep track of all your charges in one place.


Record an Offline Payment

To record a charge that was paid offline, click the RECORD OFFLINE PAYMENT button.

Select which tenant on the lease made the payment and which charge(s) they paid, as well as how and when they made the payment. If your renter only made a partial payment, you can specify the amount that the renter paid if they didn't pay the full balance.

The charge will display as PAID both in your account and your tenant’s. In the payment details, the payment type will show as OFFLINE.


Did your tenant pay for a charge that isn’t in TurboTenant yet?

First, create a charge in TurboTenant the same way you would an online payment. If the charge due date is less than 7 days out, you will see the charge in the Sent Charges section where you will be able to record it as paid offline.

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