How Do I View the Tenant Screening Report?

Quickly and easily view an applicant/tenant's screening report on TurboTenant's mobile app and desktop platform.

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Viewing your applicant/tenant's screening report

There are two different ways that you can view the screening report for an applicant or tenant. Listed below are instructions on how to view a screening report on both our website as well as our new mobile app.

If you're interested in downloading the app on your phone/tablet, please use this link.

Web-based browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)

Step 1 - Log in and click the Applicants tab.

From your desktop version of the platform, click the application tab in the menu to the left.

Step 2 - Click "See Screening Report" underneath the applicant whose report you'd like to see.

Find the applicant/tenant that you would like to view the screening report. Under the name, there will be an option to 'See Screening Report'. To continue in the process, click this link.

You can also click the "View Applicant" button to the right, then click on the Screening Report tab.

Viewing a screening report from the mobile app

Step 1 - Log in, click the Renters tab, and select the Renter whose report you are interested in viewing.

Step 2 - Select "View Full Report" to review the completed screening report provided by TransUnion.

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