When Does the Applicant Get Charged?

How much is the screening fee?

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A prospective renter is charged before the application is able to be submitted. The applicant is required to enter their payment information on the last page. If the applicant does not pay the application fee, they will not be able to submit the application and it will not show up on the landlord's account.

The easiest way to direct someone to your application is to invite them to apply. Click here to find out how to invite a prospect to apply.

The applicant will pay a fee of *$55, this includes the application and the screening report - credit report, criminal background check, and eviction report(s) in applicable states combined in one easy-to-read report, powered by TransUnion®.

For additional information regarding the screening report, click here.

*If you are a Premium subscriber, your applicant may see a reduced $45 fee.

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