Step 1 - Log in to your TurboTenant account and navigate to the "Properties page

Step 2 - Click the button to add a new property in the upper right corner of the screen

Step 3 - Enter Property Details

Step 4 - Add Listing Information

After you have set up your property details, you'll have the opportunity to create a listing page.

If you choose to skip, you'll land on the manage property page for the new property you created. If you choose to set up a listing for the property, you'll be taken to a 4 step process where you will photos, a property description, amenities, and other things that make you listing more attractive to potential renters.

Step 5 - Option to Market your Property

After you finish providing information for your listing page, you'll have the option to market your property - TurboTenant will push your listing to dozens of 3rd party listing websites, increasing your property's exposure to potential renters.

Note that you must create a listing page for your property in order to turn marketing on.

Once you create a property listing, you can also post it to Facebook Marketplace! Learn how in this article.

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