TurboTenant's online marketing tool will help you fill your vacancy fast! Enter your property details once, turn our Marketing Online feature on, and have your property information posted to dozens of rental listing websites. View which rental listing sites we post to.

1. Login and Select a Property

Within the Properties page, select the property that you want to start marketing online.

2. Select Start Marketing Online

Once on the Manage Property page, go to the Marketing tab and select the button to Start Marketing Online.

Note: It's possible you have a property in TurboTenant but haven't added a listing for that property yet. To turn marketing on for a property, you'll need to add a listing first.

3. Verify Your Phone Number

If you haven't done so yet, you will be asked to verify your phone number to begin marketing online - this is an important measure taken to prevent fraud and protect renters and property owners alike.


Once you've entered the code to verify your phone number, your property's listing will be posted to dozens of rental listing sites. Please note: your listing may not be visible on 3rd party websites for 24-48 hours after you turn on marketing in TurboTenant.

Marketing Online will be automatically turned off after 30 days unless you renew Marketing Online. So if you haven't filled your property by then, make sure to renew it.

4. Stop Marketing Online

Did you find the right tenant? Turn off Marketing Online to remove your property details from the 3rd party listing websites.

If you stop accepting applications for a property, Marketing Online will automatically be turned off.

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