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How Can I Edit Specific Sections of the Lease Agreement?
How Can I Edit Specific Sections of the Lease Agreement?

Learn which sections of the lease agreement you can edit and how to do so!

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How to Edit Late Fee in the Lease Agreement

Our TurboTenant Lease Agreement offers customization but does not currently allow editing the late fee section; we apologize for the inconvenience.

For now, you can use the provisions and attachments section at the bottom of the lease agreement wizard to reflect your own late rent policy. 

You can also set up automated late fees when creating your recurring monthly charges; you can find out more here.

Provisions and Attachments Section in the Lease Agreement

There is no way to adjust the language in the lease itself.

You can use the provisions and attachments section in the lease builder to write your own terms for the lease agreement. You are limited to 10,000 characters. If you want to set formatting and use the same terms over and over, create a Word or Google Doc of the additional terms, save it as a PDF and upload the attachment to the lease agreement.

TurboTip: Anything in that section will Supersede what is in the lease agreement itself.

Additional Resources

Please consult our Landlord-Tenant Laws of the U.S. guide for other specific sections that are established due to local regulations.

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Disclaimer: Changing some terms in the lease may conflict with state or local laws. If you make large edits, we recommend speaking with an attorney. Please have a look at your specific state lease agreement for more information. TurboTenant is not responsible for edits that are not compliant with state laws. TurboTenant is unable to provide legal advice.

Still have questions? Reach out to our team at [email protected] for additional assistance.

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