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Can I Post My Rental For Rent If I Also Have It Listed For Sale?
Can I Post My Rental For Rent If I Also Have It Listed For Sale?

Posting a rental listing while your property is also for sale.

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Yes, you can! Keep in mind that if your home is simultaneously listed as for sale and also for rent, our team may request more information before approving your listing for syndication.

When a home is listed for sale and for rent, you may not get the desired results. Some renters may avoid applying for the rental as they think the listing is for sale. There is also a chance that the rental listing may be reported as fraud by any potential renters who are confused by it also being for sale.

In addition, a listing site may show only one version of the post, typically, whichever was posted first. Some sites may not post more than one entry for a specific property.

Please note - If your property is currently for sale and for rent, this may result in a listing violation and more documentation may be required to continue marketing your property on TurboTenant.

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