How Do I Print a Rental Application?

Prefer a paper copy? You can print the rental application from your account!

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To save the Applicant's application for your records, you can just follow these simple steps.

In your landlord portal:

Step 1 - Click on the Applicants tab

Step 2 - Click on View Applicant

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Step 3 - Go to the Application Tab

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Step 5 - Click Print Application

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This will allow you to print or save the screening report as a PDF for your records.


  • If you need authorization for the release of information from the applicant, you'll want to navigate to the Applicants tab, click on View Applicant for the applicant you'd like to view, next click into the Application section, then to the right side of the page, click Print Application, the very last page of the application is the consent form.

  • You can save and customize the page numbers and only print or save the last page. It should look like the attachment at the end of this message.

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