Our background screening services are conducted by TransUnion, a major credit bureau and one of the largest tenant screening organizations in the world.

They use advanced logic to match criminal records with prospective tenants, including: name, date of birth, past addresses, aliases and other factors.

It is possible that a positive criminal record match may be a record that is actually from a different person.

If an applicant believes that the criminal record associated with their screening report is inaccurate, they should contact:


Hours of Operation:
8-6pm Monday- Friday (Mountain Time)
8:30am-5pm Saturday & Sunday

Phone: 866-775-0961

Fax: 800-799-5885

Email: tursscustomerservice@transunion.com

Landlords are encouraged to contact the court or law enforcement agency of record directly should the seek more information on the charges, accuracy or disposition of a criminal record associated with a screening report.

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