Why isn't my listing showing up on other listing websites?

Wondering why your listing isn't displaying? Learn how marketing, affiliate site delays, and listing violations affect your listing!

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There are several possible reasons that your TurboTenant property listing is not showing up on other listing affiliate sites, like Rent.com, Realtor.com, Apartments.com, and other listing websites.

1. Your property is not currently marketing online.

For your property to be viewable on our listing affiliate sites, marketing must be turned for your property in order for TurboTenant to syndicate your listing. To verify this step has been taken, navigate to the marketing page of your property. Make sure that your property has the "Marketing Online" feature turned on. If you have not already verified your phone number, you may be asked to verify it at this time.

2. The other listing websites have not been updated, yet.

Your listing is live on TurboTenant as soon as you turn on the "Accepting Applications" button, so you can share your listing with prospective tenants. When you market your listing online, your property is immediately live on TurboTenant, other listing websites will be updated within 48 hours.

There is a delay between the time that you turn on the marketing online feature to the time that your listing appears because each listing website has its own schedule for updating its listing list.

3. The information in your TurboTenant listing does not comply with the site's posting rules.

Please note that each website will post the information in your TurboTenant listing according to its own parameters. If your listing does not include the following information, then it may not be included on several listing sites:

  • Photos

  • Exact property address

  • A description

  • One or more images of the property

Some websites include information that is already cached in their database, such as from the previous sale of the house. Unfortunately, we are only able to edit the information on TurboTenant, but not on other sites.

4. The listing site has a maximum number of properties allowed per landlord/broker.

Some property listing sites may have a maximum number of properties each landlord/broker can post at one time. Zumper for example allows for 5 properties per landlord/broker.

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