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How to use Lease Agreement Audit AI
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What is the Lease Agreement Audit AI tool?

The Lease Agreement Audit AI analyzes lease agreements for landlords. A landlord uploads their lease and selects a state jurisdiction, and the AI scans it for compliance with various legal categories, including:

  • Recent state legislation changes

  • Required disclosures for specific states

  • General lease provisions

  • Fair housing violations

  • Rent, deposit & late fee laws

  • Essential contractual terms

The tool then provides a clear and easy-to-understand report highlighting any potential issues in the lease agreement.

Using the Lease Agreement Audit AI Tool

How to use Lease Agreement Audit AI?

On Lease Agreement Audit AI portal, users select their state and upload their lease agreement. The AI scans the document, identifying potential issues among the domains listed above.

Users need to provide their email address to receive a link to your audit results.

Is the Lease Agreement Audit AI tool free?

Yes, the tool is entirely free! You can upload and analyze your lease agreements as many times as needed.

In what file formats can I upload my lease agreement?

The tool accepts lease agreements in several common file formats, including:

  • Microsoft Word (.docx, .doc)

  • Portable Document Format (.pdf) - images that are saved as .pdf will NOT work (to check you can try to highlight some text)

  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)

  • Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx)

  • OpenDocument Text (.odt)

  • OpenDocument Presentation (.odp)

  • OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods)

  • Plain Text (.txt)

Please note:

  • Files must be under 20MB in size.

  • Image formats like .jpg, .jpeg, and .png are not currently supported.

About the Lease Agreement Audit Report

What kind of report does it generate?

The tool generates a report highlighting areas where the lease complies, areas needing improvement, and tips for strengthening the agreement. According to an internal survey, 91% of landlords find the resulting analysis helpful.

Can I trust the analysis results?

We continuously improve our AI, but the analysis is based on patterns learned during training. While highly accurate, it may not be perfect. Consulting with a qualified attorney is recommended for critical decisions or complex legal issues.

How long does the analysis take?

Most analyses are completed within 15 seconds!

What if my lease agreement has risks?

If the analysis identifies risks, don't worry! TurboTenant offers a user-friendly lease agreement builder with built-in e-signatures. This tool allows you to customize and adjust your lease agreement to comply with your state's specific laws.

Can I share my results?

We'll email you a link to your audit results. This link is active for 30 days and can be shared with others.

Security & Privacy

Will my lease agreement be used to train the model?

No, your lease agreements are never used to train the AI model. We prioritize data privacy and take steps to keep your information secure.

Other Lease Agreement resource

Where can I get a compliant lease agreement?

TurboTenant offers 50 state-specific and nine city/county lease agreements, all frequently updated. Our user-friendly builder allows you to complete your lease agreement in 15 minutes with e-signatures included.

Where can I find lease agreement template?

In addition to the Rental Agreement Builder, which allows you to customise your rental agreement, TurboTenant also provides a generic rental agreement template that users can download in PDF format. Go to this landing page and scroll to the bottom to select your state.

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