A co-signer is someone who takes full responsibility for the payment of a lease or loan along with the primary signer. They're different from a guarantor because co-signers are permitted to live at the rental property while guarantors are not. Co-signers are often parents, relatives or close friends of the renter, but could be anyone.

The co-signer acknowledges and accepts full responsibility for the fulfillment of all the terms and conditions of the lease agreement, including the payment of the rent, any damages, cleaning expenses, unpaid utilities, fees, fines, exemplary or punitive damages, costs, administrative charges, court costs or any other liabilities.

The co-signer will remain responsible for the entire term of the lease, including any

extensions, renewals, modifications or amendments.

How to make a co-signer official?

Co-signers must acknowledge that they accept full responsibility to the terms of the lease agreement by signing a co-signer addendum. This addendum is included as part of our Forms Pack and is included with Premium membership. Read more about how to add a co-signer to a lease.

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