Application needs more landlord info

In order to vet tenants current and previous landlord info is always needed.  Current to check on tenants, and previous because they are a lot more likely to be honest.  This should ideally be name/phone/email/address.

Please put appropriate spaces on the application.


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Emily - Customer Support

Thanks for your feedback!  We agree that having information on previous addresses and landlords is important to have on the application.

Our application currently has a place for applicants to provide their previous address, the dates that they lived at that address, their reason for moving, the name of the landlord, and the landlord's phone number & email address:

You can read more about what's included on the online application in our article, "What does the tenant application look like? What questions are on the tenant application?"

Was there information that you wanted to see on the application? Please let us know more about what you'd like the application to include.

Jordan L.

We also wanted to update you, we are now offering a new feature!

You can now customize the application! 

Were there questions that you wanted to ask that weren't on our application? Now you can add them!

To add customized questions you will need to click on Settings, click Customize, then Add Questions. 

You can read more about this process in our article, "How Do I Customize My Application?"

Please let us know if this feature is helpful.

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