Printing applications & signatures could be improved

I save PDFs of everything for tenant files.  When viewing/printing an application submitted via TT, it's formatted like a "website" not a document.  Adding a Print to PDF feature would be both useful and improve the appearance of professionalism in the LL's files.

Also, when printing the application, the Tenant's online signature is blank.  Should an application be questioned, there is no way of showing that the Tenant actually submitted the data.  It could have been a child/relative/friend using their information.  Additional ID verification made available for the LL's files would be a big help.

We'd all prefer to stay out of court, but we must be prepared and professional in all ways well in advance.


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Emily - Customer Support

Great feedback, Christopher! We're always looking for ways to improve our online application process.


TurboTenant is designed to give landlords online tools to assist with the rental process. A tenant's application will remain on your account, so that it's easy to access online anytime, and from any device. 

While we currently don't have a button to print the application as a PDF integrated with our software, a landlord could print a document as a PDF from their computer as they would with other documents.

The signature line on the printed application is purposefully left blank so that a landlord could get a signature from a tenant if they require one. We understand that some landlords and property managers require this as part of their rental process, so we wanted to include a spot for that on a printed application.

We have received a suggestion to add the ability for e-signatures, which we are looking into as a future feature. 

We really appreciate your input!

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