Be able to hide landlord phone number on the listing / marketing public website

I may not want the whole online world to know my phone number and I'd prefer to get inquires via email.

It would be nice to be able to remove my phone and/or name from the public-facing listing websites.


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Tom S

I would also be interested in an answer to this. I do not want my phone number published for listings.

Jordan L.


We love the feedback! This is one that we get asked about frequently! 

Because most listing websites require both phone and email contact information in order to post listings, TurboTenant does require both in order to list a property. However, if you would prefer not to have your personal phone number posted on public websites we would suggest you create a free Google Voice number which you can then forward to your phone. Setting up a Google Voice number is free and easy and can be done at www.google.com/voice.


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