2 additions to help

1) Clarify how long it takes for online marketing to take effect on partner sites. (Apparently, it can take up to 48 hours). Perhaps even send an email once the listing is active with a link to the listing on those other sites. (Currently it is not clear to the landlord where exactly the product winds up being listed).

2) Provide explanations of how to interpret some of the information in the screening report. For example, do circles with numbers "30" and "60" in them mean a tradeline was 30 / 60 days overdue? Currently, I had to guess at the meaning in some places.

These are easy fixes I believe, that may save you unnecessary support questions.



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Thanks Akwasi for the great tips.  

Currently an email is generated when a property is marketed online, mentioning the time frame. We'll look at ways to further clarify these points.

Thanks for using TurboTenant and Happy Landlording!

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