Account access for 3rd parties / property owners, when managed by a real estate agent

We are a couple of (residential) realtors who work together. We offer property management, as a service, to a few of our clients who need it, namely the ones we sold rental properties to or those who were called away on business long term and want to rent their homes. I work in the field getting properties ready and doing showings and my partner does the paperwork. We both want access and after the applications are complete, we want the owners to also be able to log in (at thier leisure if they are in very different time zones) to review the applications etc.

We have looked at other property management software and it is either too expensive, too complicated or both. Your site is perfect for us otherwise. We would also be willing to pay a small fee ($25 a month) for multiple user access and it's easy for us to imagine many other realtors like us who would do the same.

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