How do Tenants and Landlords upload proof of Renters Insurance?

Step 1

When a landlord notifies a tenant that Renters Insurance is required, the tenant will receive the following email:



If the tenant does not wish to purchase insurance through TurboTenant, they can click "Upload Proof" to upload proof of their own insurance policy.


Step 2 

The tenant will login to their account and choose "Upload Proof" from the home screen.



Step 3

Select policy dates and upload coverage document, and click Finish.



Once the tenant has uploaded proof of insurance, the landlord will receive an email notifying them of the update. Both the tenant and the landlord will be able to log in to their individual TT accounts to view the document.


For Landlords:

Landlord can also upload Renters Insurance if they have required it for their tenants.


Step 1 

Under a tenant's profile summary, click "Upload Policy". 



Step 2

Select policy dates and upload coverage document, and click Finish.




That's it! Now both you and your tenant will be able to view the document from your account.




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