How do I screen an applicant without having them apply through TurboTenant?

Have a potential renter that you'd like to screen with TurboTenant? Already have their paper application or all of their information? Great! It's easy to get started, and we'll tell you everything you need to know.

Step 1 - Login to your TurboTenant account

Step 2 - Click Screen Applicant ScreeningER.PNG

Or if you already added a property, in the Renters tab, click Only Request a Screening Report


Step 2 - Read instructions and click Request Report


Step 3 - Provider renter information and click Next: Rental Property


Step 4 - Pick the property the renter is applying to. You will have the option to add a property if you have not already. Enter rent amount and security deposit amount. Click Next: Payment.


Step 5 - Choose who you would like to have pay for the screening report, Landlord or Renter. 


Step 6 - If you choose to pay for the screening report, you will enter in your payment information. You will be charged the non-refundable fee immediately. 


Your applicant will now be sent an email and prompted to answer a few identity verification questions from the credit bureau (and pay the $45 fee if you are requesting they pay the fee). Once completed, we'll notify you by email so you can view their report.


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