How do I change my email address? - Landlord Only

Step 1 - Login

Login to your Turbo Tenant account.


Step 2 - Hover Over the User Profile Icon 

Hover over the icon located in the upper-right corner of the page.


Step 3 - Click on Settings

Select Settings from the drop-down menu.




Step 4 - Edit the Information

Here, you can make any changes to the name, company, email, and phone number fields. To edit the email, simply delete the old email and enter in the new email address.




Step 5 - Click Update

Click Update to save changes. 




Step 6 - Confirm Your Email

When you change your email for TurboTenant, you are sent an email to confirm your email address.



Click the confirmation link within the email to verify your email. The link will confirm your email and take you to the login page so that you can log in.

TurboTenant Pro Tip

  • Didn't receive an email from TurboTenant? Be sure to check your spam folder.


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