I am unable to rearrange photos on my listing.

If you are unable to rearrange your photos as described in the "How do I rearrange my property photos?" article, then you may be experiencing a hardware conflict.

In some circumstances, users of Windows devices with touchscreens may be unable to rearrange photos when using a mouse.  If you are using a Windows laptop with a touchscreen (even if hooked up to an external monitor) or a Windows tablet, try rearranging photos using touch on the device's built-in screen rather than with a mouse.

If this does not resolve the issue, or if you are unable to rearrange photos but you are not using a Windows touchscreen device, then please submit a support ticket.


 TurboTenant Pro Tips

  • Please note that some browsers will cache images of your photos. If you have made changes, but they do not appear, please refresh the page manually and/or clear your browser history.
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