How do I invite a tenant to pay rent?


Step 1 - Login


Step 2 - Go to the Tenants page


Step 3 - Click Add a Tenant


Step 4 - Convert an Existing Applicant or Add a New Tenant

In order to convert an existing applicant, you must have accepted the applicant's online application through TurboTenant. If you do not have any applicants, then you will add a new tenant.



Step 5 - Enter in tenant details

If you are converting an existing applicant to a tenant, you will be asked to select the applicant's name and the address of the property.



To create a new tenant, you will be asked to enter in the tenant's name, email, phone number, and the address of your property.


Step 6 - Invite the Tenant to Pay

Find the tenant on the Tenants page and click Invite to Pay Online.


Step 7 - Your Tenant Will Receive an Email

The tenant will be prompted to create a password for their account. They will then be able to login with their email and password. 


 Step 8 - The Tenant Creates a Password


Step 9 - The Tenant Adds a Bank Account

Once the tenant adds their bank account, they can start making payments.


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