What does the payment status mean?

When viewing a payment's detail, you can check the status of the payment on the Payments page. When you view a payment, you will see important details, such as the status of the payment.


Payment Status Definitions

Created: The payment has been initiated.

Queued: As an additional security measure, the transaction is being reviewed by a financial partner.

Processing-Debit: Funds are in the process of being withdrawn from tenant bank account.

Processing-Credit: Funds are in the process of being deposited into landlord's bank account.

Settled: Funds are available in landlord's bank account.

Canceled: Payment was unable to be completed and alternate payment should be made. For more information on canceled payments, please contact support@turbotenant.com.

Returned: Funds were not available to be deposited into the landlord's bank account and have been returned to the tenant's bank account. For more information on returned payments, please contact support@turbotenant.com.


TurboTenant Pro Tips

  • You can check the status of your payments and view other payment details on the Payments page at any time. Take a look at our article for instructions on viewing payments: How do I view my payments?
  • A payment is viewable immediately and is deposited when the status is Settled.
  • A payment that is Canceled cannot be saved and must be reinitiated. 
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