How do I "Move Out" a tenant?


Step 1  - Login to TurboTenant

Login to your Turbo Tenant account.


Step 2 - Click on Tenants

Go to the Tenants section of your account.


Step 3 - Click Move Out Tenant for the desired tenant


Step 4 - Click Yes, Move Out

Moving a tenant out will not delete the tenant's payment history, application, or contact details.




Moving a tenant out will automatically do the following:

  • Stop allowing online rent payments
  • Set tenant status to “Past”

The tenant’s payment history, application (if applicable) and contact details will not be deleted. You will be able to locate this tenant by clicking on Tenants and then Past. This action only affects this tenant.  Other tenants (if applicable) at this property will not be


TurboTenant Pro Tip

  • The ability to stop a tenant from paying online is helpful when going through the process of an eviction.
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