How does an applicant complete the tenant screening verification?

Step 1 - Login

Login to your TurboTenant account. 

When you completed the application, you received an email prompting you create a password. 

If you did not create a password before, you can set one up by following the link in the screening request email.

Step 2- Click the Approve Screening Request

Step 3 - Submit the Income Questions

Applicants must provide the income amount, income frequency, and employment status. Once these questions are answered, click Submit at the bottom of the page. 

Step 4 - Submit the Identity Verification Questions

After submitting the income questions and clicking Submit, the identity verification questions will be generated. The questions are multiple choice and must be completed before submitting the screening request.

Click the Submit button to complete the screening verification. The landlord will be notified once the report is ready to view.

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