How do I add additional properties to my account?

Step 1 - Login

Login to your TurboTenant account.


Step 2 - Go to View Properties or Properties

Click on the Properties tab in the top navigation bar.


Step 3 - Add New Property

Click on Add a new property.


Step 4 - Enter Property Details

You will now be able to enter in the details for the property, property description, add photos, etc.


Step 5 - Save Your Property

Click Save at the bottom of the property edit page.


Step 6 - Turn on Accepting Applications and Marketing Online (Optional)

Now that you have added and saved a property you can easily turn on the accepting applications and marketing online features (if you have a vacancy).  Or you can keep these turned off if your property is not currently available for rent.


Turbo Tenant Pro Tips

  • There is no limit to the number of properties you may add.
  • You can easily copy a property, saving you time for properties that are similar.
  • Once you have a property added you can decide to accept applications or market online.
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