How do I print a property marketing flyer / brochure?

Step 1 - Login

Login to your TurboTenant account.


Step 2 - Go to Properties

Click on the Properties tab in the top navigation bar.



Step 3- Click the Share Button for the Property

In the gallery view, the button with sharing options will appear under the listing price, as seen below:



In grid view, the button with sharing options will appear to the right of the "Market online" column, as seen below:




Step 4 - Select the Print Flyer Option

Then click the Print Flyer option to generate a flyer for the property.


Step 5 - Print the Flyer

Once you select the Print Flyer option, you will be taken to a print page where you can edit the printing properties.


TurboTenant Pro Tips

  • The property must be currently accepting applications for the print flyer to work.  The reason for this is that the property listing indicated on the flyer will not be activate if the property is not currently accepting applications (so people don't apply to a property that is not seeking applicants).
  • The flyer will use the first three photos from your property listing. To change the photos on the flyer, the photos must be changed in the listing first.
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