How do I add my first property?

Step 1 - Login to your TurboTenant account


Step 2- Click Let's Get Started




Step 3- Click Let's Do It!



Step 4 - Enter in property information

You'll navigate through three pages of property information, clicking Next at the bottom of each section. Not all fields are required.






Step 5 - Option to turn on applications

You now have the option to turn on applications for your property. If you turn this feature on now, you can immediately invite interested renters to apply. This step is also required to enable our online marketing feature. To turn this on, select Yes, Accept Applicants. If you'd like to hold off on accepting applications, you can click No, Not At This Moment, and turn the feature on later.



Step 6 - Option to turn on marketing

6a - If you choose to accept applications in step 5, you'll be given the option to market your property to dozens of third party listing sites to help generate leads. If you'd like us to market your property, just click Yes, Market It Online. You can also skip marketing and turn the feature on later.



6b - If you choose to market online, you'll need to confirm your phone number. Enter your number, choose the method you'd like to receive the confirmation, and click Get Verification Code. You'll then be prompted to enter the code.



Once you've confirmed your phone number, your property is complete and marketing online!

TurboTenant Pro Tips

  • To save the property you must enter the following information: property title, property address, city, state, zip, rent amount, security deposit amount.
  • Additional fields (Bedrooms, Bathrooms, sq. ft., etc.) will be required if you want to market your property online.  You may enter these details now or at some point in the future when you are ready to market your property online.
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