What does the screening report look like? What is included on it?

Screening Reports

tenant credit report background check screening score

Screening reports include a snapshot that allows you to see results at a glance.

TurboReport - $35 Application Fee

The TurboReport includes the following information:

  • Full Credit Report with a score from TransUnion
  • Payment History
  • Fraud Indicators
  • Credit Screening Recommendation (Accept, Conditional, Deny, etc.)
  • Full criminal background check (checks over 200 million records)
  • Collection History
  • Civil Records 
  • Inquiries

TurboReport Pro - $45 Application Fee

The TurboReport Plus includes all of the information above, plus an eviction report that include the following information:

  • A full eviction check (compares over 25 million eviction records)
  • Failure to Pay Rent
  • Judgments for Rent, Possession, and Money
  • Unlawful Detainers
  • Writs and Warrants of Eviction


TurboTenant Pro Tip

  • There is no cost to the landlord (and no additional cost to the tenant aside from the original application fee) to receive the screening report.
  • For more information on requesting the report, click here.
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