How do I verify a micro-deposit?-Tenants Only

Explanation of Micro-Deposits

When you add a payment account in TurboTenant, you have a choice to verify your account. The two options are the Instant Bank Verification and Bank and Routing Account Numbers (Micro Deposit Method).

If you choose the Bank & Routing Number option, we'll make a couple of small deposits in your bank account within two business days. 


How to Verify a Micro-Deposit

Step 1- Check your bank account after two business days for two small deposits.

Step 2- Login to TurboTenant

Login to your TurboTenant account

Step 3 - Go to Payments 

Step 4 - Click Verify Micro-Deposits


Step 5 - Enter in the micro-deposit amounts and click submit


Your account is now verified!

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