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I Stopped Marketing My Listing, But I'm Still Receiving Leads
I Stopped Marketing My Listing, But I'm Still Receiving Leads
Have you recently stopped marketing your property but still getting leads? Learn more here!
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Removing Your Listing

When you remove your listing from our platform, your property is immediately deactivated on TurboTenant, but other listing websites may take up to 48 hours to update.

There is a delay between when you turn off the marketing online feature to the time that your listing gets removed from other sites because each listing website has its own schedule for updating listings.

If you still are receiving inquiries about your property listing on our third-party sites after 48 hours, please let us know and we’re happy to reach out to our listing partners!

Instructions for Removing Your Listing

To remove your listing from TurboTenant, log in to your account and select the ‘Properties’ section. Click on your property listing, then select 'Marketing'.

Stop Marketing: select the 'Stop Marketing Online' button

Stop Applications: Select the 'Stop Accepting Applications' button

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A few other steps may be required to remove your listing from third-party sites. If you need help in removing your property from third-party sites please reach out to our customer support team. Our team is available to help you anytime.

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