Why Has Marketing Been Disabled on My Account?
Learn more about what causes the marketing feature to be disabled on your account.
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If you recently received a notice that the marketing feature on your account has been disabled, here's why:

We noticed that you haven't been taking advantage of TurboTenant's free marketing services without utilizing our applications or screening reports. Due to costs and syndication partnerships, properties associated with accounts that are using our site for marketing only are no longer being marketed on listing sites through TurboTenant’s syndication process.

You will continue to have access to your account, along with all other features including Leases, Payments, Expenses, and many more. All of your past applicants and leads will also be accessible.

We are unable to make any exceptions as TurboTenant is not designed for individuals that are primarily using our marketing services without utilizing the TurboTenant application or screening services.

Our platform is designed for independent landlords, so it becomes unviable for us, from a business standpoint, to offer free marketing services for accounts that do not utilize our applications and/or screening reports.

Remember, it is always best practice to receive an application from protective tenants. Furthermore, receiving a screening report from a prospective tenant will allow you to gain better insight into their financial and criminal background.

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If you decide that you will be utilizing TurboTenant's applications or screening reports need please contact our team to review your case and account details.

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