Past rental history is one of the best indicators of whether someone will be a great tenant. TurboTenant automatically requests references from previous landlords for you as part of the rental application process!

Here is how it works:

When someone applies to your property and enters their past or current landlord's email address in the address history section of the application, TurboTenant will automatically request a reference from them via email. Past landlords are sent a short questionnaire prompting them to provide feedback about their experience with the tenant.


TurboTenant will provide you the information you need to get your questions answered so that you can rent with confidence!

Some of the questions are…

  • Did they pay on time?

  • Did they leave the property well maintained?

  • Did they comply with the lease terms?

  • Would you rent to them again?

TurboTenant will automatically notify you once you’ve received a reference and you’ll be able to access the information within the applicant’s profile.


A couple of questions you may be asking yourself...

Why don’t I see any references for my older applicants?

We only just began automatically reaching out to past landlords for references so if you received the application before then you’ll have to reach out to them yourself.

The reference is still pending, how do I make sure I get it?

Unfortunately, we can’t make landlords fill out the reference form. So if you’ve been waiting for a reference for a while, we suggest reaching out to them the old fashion way, via phone.

Does the applicant see the reference?

Nope. Only you have access to the landlord’s responses.

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