How do I post my listing to Facebook Marketplace?
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Post to Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to list and sell goods to people in your local area. To get started, you must ensure you have the proper setup. Here is how you can post to Facebook Marketplace.

To utilize the TurboList feature, you'll want to first download the Chrome browser on your desktop. Next, by proceeding through the steps listed below, you can use the TurboList extension to post your properties straight to the Facebook Marketplace through your Facebook account.

Please note - in order to post your property to the Facebook Marketplace, you must first access TurboTenant in your web browser. Click here to access TurboTenant from your browser.

Use your Chrome browser on your desktop to log in to your TurboTenant account, add the TurboList extension, and post your property straight to Facebook Marketplace! It is not possible to post to Facebook Marketplace from the TurboTenant mobile app

For a detailed list of steps, please follow the guide below to properly install and utilize the Chrome extension Turbolist

Step 1: Install Google Chrome

The first thing you must do is ensure you have Google Chrome installed on your computer. This will not work on a mobile device or in a browser other than Chrome on your desktop. You can download the most updated version of Chrome at this link.

Step 2: Log in to Facebook

Once Chrome is installed, you want to make sure you are logged into your Facebook account. To log in, you can go to and enter your login credentials. Once you are logged in, you will be able to proceed with the remaining steps.

Step 3: Click on Add to Chrome which will add the TurboList extension to your browser.

Step 3: Add property to TurboList

Go to the Marketing tab within the property you selected and add the TurboList extension by selecting Add TurboList to Chrome. Note: A Chrome browser is required to add the extension.

Step 4 - Migrate back to TurboTenant and visit to the Marketing tab of the Properties section in your account.

After verifying that you're logged into your Facebook account, Select the property that you would like to share and scroll down to click 'Post to Facebook Marketplace'.

Step 6 - Verify that you're logged into your Facebook account, and click Post to Facebook Marketplace.

Step 7 - Review your property information, click Next, then Publish to share your listing!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What if I don't have Chrome installed on my computer?

To add TurboList to your browser and post to Facebook Marketplace, you'll need to have the Chrome browser installed on your computer. Click here for instructions on downloading Chrome.

How will I be able to see leads that come from Facebook Marketplace?

Within the description of your listing on Facebook Marketplace, we include a link to a pre-screener form.

The lead can use that URL to fill out the form at which time their information will show up in the Leads section of your account.

What if I already have TurboList installed?

Great! If you have TurboList installed (you can check here in the Chrome Web Store), then all you need to do is go to the Properties section within your account. From there, click on the property you want to post, then on Marketing, then Post to Facebook Marketplace. *See image under Step 5.

Can I post multiple properties at once?

At this time, you can post only one property to Facebook Marketplace at a time. From the Properties section, click on the property you want to post and then click Post to Facebook Marketplace.

Can I post my property on Facebook Marketplace even if Marketing is turned off?

Yes! You can always post your property on Facebook Marketplace, whether Marketing is turned on or not.

I'm on Facebook Marketplace, but I can't post my property. Why is that?

If you create a Facebook account for the first time, you may need to wait 1-3 days before Facebook will allow you to post a listing to Facebook Marketplace.


  • If you click Post to Facebook Marketplace and don't see a draft of your listing right away, check to make sure you're logged in to Facebook. Once you log in, click the button again and you'll see the listing.

  • If you want to edit your listing or remove it from Facebook Marketplace, you will need to do so within Facebook Marketplace.

  • It's possible you have a property in TurboTenant but haven't added a listing for that property yet. To share your listing on Facebook, you'll need to add one first.

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