Did you know that TurboTenant allows you to post a professional listing ad to Craigslist in just a couple of clicks? Posting your listing to Craigslist increases exposure for your rental property, putting your listing in front of more potential renters!

Step 1 - Log in to TurboTenant and go to the Properties tab

Step 2 - Click on the property you would like to post on Craigslist

Step 3 - Go to the Marketing tab and scroll down to the Other Marketing Tools section - then click the Post to Craigslist button

Step 4 - Copy the HTML code in the pop-up

Step 5 - Log in to your Craigslist account or create an account if it's your first time.

Step 6 - Create a new advertisement and paste the HTML code into the body of the Craigslist post.

Step 7 - Upload photos of your property and publish the ad.

Note: Your Craigslist ad should be live within 15 minutes of posting.

Craigslist Renters Contacting You Through TurboTenant

When an interested renter reaches out to you through your Craigslist ad, TurboTenant will prompt them to fill out the leads questionnaire (pre-screener) so you can better evaluate candidates for your rental property. Learn more about the leads questionnaire.

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