Do you have your own website for your property rentals? TurboTenant makes it easy to embed a list of all of your properties directly onto your own website. When you update your property on TurboTenant, those changes will automatically update on any web pages that you've embedded your listings! Interested renters can click on the property and will be directed to your TurboTenant listing page where they can contact you & apply.


Embed Your Property Listings

In your Account Settings, under your personal information, you will see a section titled, Embed Your Property List. Click the 'Embed Property List' button.


A screen will open with instructions on how to embed the listing to your site. Simply copy the HTML code & paste onto the <body> section of your web page.


All the properties you are marketing online will appear on the page!


Interested renters can click on the property and will be directed to your TurboTenant property listing where they can contact you & apply.

Any changes you make to your listing such as changing pictures or updating lease terms will automatically appear on the web page. If you stop marketing your property online, the listing will automatically be removed from the list of embedded properties

Not so Tech Savvy?

If you prefer, you can send instructions to someone else via email. Enter the email of whoever manages your site & we'll send them the HTML code along with instructions.


Embed to Wix

1. Click the + Add button in the left menu bar

2. At the bottom of the list, select More & click the HTML iframe Embed

3. Once you've placed the iframe, click Enter Code and simple paste the HTML code

Embed to Squarespace

1. In edit mode, click the + button and select Markdown

2. Paste the HTML code into the text box and click Apply, then you can adjust the size placement of the listings accordingly

Embed to WordPress

1. In the page you would like to embed your listings, click the HTML section and past the HTML code into the text box.

2. If your listing does not appear, you may need to add an iframe plugin to your account such as this one. You can add a Plugin by clicking Manage Plugins on the left menu bar.

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